from the fandoms. I've gotten sucked into everything and can't find the air to get back out. whoops





Meanwhile on the set of Avengers 2…


Is that…?





It’s photoshopped. Marvel/Disney DOES NOT have the rights to Spidey unfortunately and so this will never happen. 

cool so how old were you when you first started shitting on people’s dreams?

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being so fucking attracted to someone who’s famous feels so fucking ridiculous like you know you have no chance with them in any way at all like you barely have a chance to fucking meet them

but you still just

are so attracted to them

so, so attracted to them

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Also, I’m laughing because:

"But when the Valar entered into Eä, they were at first astounded and at a loss, for it was as if naught was yet made which they had seen in vision, and all was yet on point to begin and yet unshaped, and it was dark."

Valar, you didn’t read the small print: “One World. Some assembly required.”

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like there’s a crowd of first and second years clumped up in a hallway and mcgonagall walks over and sees sirius black standing in the middle of all of it and is like ‘ugh what is he up to, what is he doing to these poor kids’

but then she gets closer and hears him talking and realizes he’s giving them directions on how to get to their classes and advice on their first days because it’s his seventh year and he knows how they feel

and she just smiles 

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I started this pic a few days ago but whn I found out about this project I finished it here’s Seb with little Seb chibi - my fav roles of his.